Langrenn is a cooperative in which the flat is owned by the members. There are about 30 members.

New memberships are only available when one of the existing members wishes to sell their shares in the unit. This occurs from time to time.

The cost of joining will reflect the market value of the shares for sale, plus a transfer fee of $600. At current values, this will be approximately $6000.

Anyone interested in membership should contact the Secretary for information about any memberships currently available, and the application procedure.

Any application for membership must be approved by the majority of existing members.

Members Privileges and Obligations   *

  • Members are entitled to use the flat at members' rates, and to make bookings on behalf of their guests.
  • Members are entitled to 7 nights free use of the flat per year.
  • Members are expected to attend a weekend work party once every two years.

* This statement is merely a brief indicative summary of privileges and obligations. A formal statement is provided to members.

Langrenn Inc is Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. Registered No.A9840